AI Automation and Robotics: What is the Difference?

AI Automation is the next generation of technology in artificial intelligence field. Basically, artificial intelligent computer software which can mimic human decision making process or a machine can do the same thing. It is not enough that an AI robot can beat a professional player in chess or beat a poker player at Texas Holdem. It does not matter if that poker player is a grand master. What is important is that the robot can learn from his mistakes and improve over time.

AI Automation is actually a branch of AI, which is Artificial Intelligence. Artificially Intelligent refers to any type of computer program that can take in human instructions and execute the task given. There are three different categories of this. System, self-programming, and explainable ai. We will discuss the first one and elaborate the reasons behind it.

Self-programming refers to the ability of an artificial intelligence to decide on its own what to do in given situations. Therefore, self-programmed AI machines are able to solve more complex problems than what is possible to be solved by a human. They can even outperform human in some tasks. This is how artificial intelligence is going to be more useful to us in the future.

Explainable AI Automation is a form of machine learning which was demonstrated at length in the 1980’s. It was called Robotic Process Automation or RPA. The main goal was to design a machine that can solve business processes and can do them better than humans. It is still very much in research and development stage and there are many uses for it. For example, Toyota has their parallel manufacturing line that uses explainable AI to perform long range repetitive actions. Toyota also has their automated tool fabrication line.

AI Automation is the future of business because it can help eliminate waste and shorten cycle times. This will reduce cycle times for customers, suppliers, workers and ultimately the company as a whole. The key benefit of using AI in business is the reduced overheads such as payroll, training and payroll taxes. In the case of Toyota, the savings were $10 billion dollars over ten years. In the case of pandemic outbreaks, reducing the number of contacts through mass contacts will reduce the overheads of caring for sick people and can reduce costs in terms of epidemiological monitoring. All of these savings are made possible by intelligently designing AIs.

How to Use AI Automation in Business? The first step in using AI automation in business is the implementation of existing tests. These are the sets of tests that have already been written and are executed on a regular basis. These tests create a baseline from which new tests can be written and executed, thus feeding data into an artificial intelligence AIs.

An additional benefit is that once an existing set of tasks has been converted into an artificial intelligence system, it is relatively easy to teach this system to perform new tasks. This is similar to what happens when humans teach computers to do new tasks. The human who created the original task in question can teach the computer to perform the task by feeding it specific instructions and inputs and then telling the machine to execute the task. Once the machine has successfully performed the task, the human who wrote the instruction or input needed to complete the task can tell the software to perform the task again. This is how artificial intelligence or AIs work.

AIs are not the only way in which businesses are automating their business however. The third step is to convert business processes to a fully fledged artificial intelligence machine learning model. A machine learning model is basically a generic tool that businesses can use to make their business more efficient. Businesses can feed data into this tool, for example if they need to purchase goods from a supplier, they can feed in the required details into the tool will then generate relevant results based on the data that they have fed. This is the third phase of robotic process automation.

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